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2022-06-15 13:43:02 By : Mr. Eldun Yang

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In a time when everyone is on the move, Jordan Bem, CEO and founder of Moliving, has created a hospitality concept that will deliver experiences in a mobile and sustainable—yet still luxurious—way.

Moliving is a “nomadic hotel” concept that builds and delivers modular, prefabricated units. The catch? They feel like a five-star hotel. Along with durability and mobility, Bem and his team are placing an importance on eco-minded hospitality, so each of the 400-square-foot pods they create will have a bedroom, bathroom, two decks (totaling 120 square feet of outdoor space) and a living area. Fully furnished, the pods minimally disrupt the environment as they aren’t built into the ground and can be easily relocated without damaging land. They’re also self-sufficient, relying on things like solar power, gray water recycling technology and UV sanitization methods, and can be installed within a matter of minutes.

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Each unit has 400 square feet of indoor space.  By David Mitchell

“Moliving is uniquely positioned between the glamping and luxury spaces, and to this day, no one has managed to provide an upscale product and experience while proving true flexibility and a sustainable result,” Bem tells Robb Report. “The Moliving units are not only mobile, but also feature a system that protects the land by allowing them to be removed with no impact or damage to the ground below.”

From the moment you step into the units, they do feel like cushy hotel rooms. The interiors are bright and airy, thanks to several windows and white wood accents. The living space includes a private bar, wine fridge, 55” Smart TV and WiFi, and guests will have hands-free control  of the AC, music and lighting. (There are also plans for an app that will help you do everything from check in to request more pillows.) In addition, Moliving is partnering with luxury vendors to bring the best decor, spirits and furnishings to guests. While each location’s units will be different, expect amenities from brands similar to Assouline, Clase Azul, Design Within Reach and Nespresso.

The units will have private decks and outdoor lounging spaces.  By David Mitchell

Bem was inspired to start Moliving to help hotels reduce development costs and meet appropriate demand from season to season. Units are built in three to five months and can be set up individually or as a multi-level structure, in either an off-the-grid location or hooked-up to a host property. This offers a fast and flexible solution for hospitality companies to create hotels: For example, as demand slows in a popular summer spot like the Hamptons, the units can be moved to winter vacation destinations in Florida without the need for new infrastructure. They’re built on a custom chassis and are easy to transport by attaching to a truck.

The mobile unit’s living area will have amenities from luxury partners.  By David Mitchell

Moliving recently unveiled its first unit on the site of what will be its flagship resort in New York’s Hudson Valley. Hurley House will open in Spring 2022 with 60 units and amenities like saunas, a restaurant, a concierge to help arrange nearby activities and more. Ideally, this location will be a model for how Moliving will work elsewhere in the world, as the company hopes to eventually expand to locations like the Hamptons, Nantucket, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Sonoma and Vail.

Check out more images of the mobile accommodations below:

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